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They say ignorance is bliss, and I’m starting to see why that is true. You can have this idea about something, which can be anything. It can take shape as life, religion, relationships, or a multitude of other things, and the falsehood you weren’t privy to, gets unwrapped and sees the light of day. Sometimes this ignorance is willful, sometimes it’s just pure ignorance. Whether it is either of those, and when this truth is set free, it can hurt and cause you to question what you do know. This realization can force you to reevaluate your life. And what you probably find is that everyone is just as sad, lonely, unsure or a million other negative emotions, as you are. But don’t take this as a bad experience. You are now seeing things as they are for the first time, and with a brand new light. Study it. Learn from it. For in the future you will be able to identify, and squash it, in any upcoming situation. You know have a new skill, perspective, and way to fight. Don’t forget the things you learn, or how they have affected you or others. Now you’ll be able to see through the bullshit. Pass this knowledge on, when and where you can. Just because you are aware does not mean other people aren’t, help them if they need it. Excuses are the friends of those who are ignorant.

They say ignorance is bliss, but why be ignorant when there are people being hurt around you?

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Make Believe

Dallas Green has been one of my favorite artists whether its been in Alexisonfire or with City and Colour. I never knew his stance on religion until this song. This song is exactly how I feel on the subject as well. The last line is the best summary of how I feel.

"Well I guess that this song has sealed my own fate
Lucifer won’t take me, ain’t crossing through no pearly gates
But if either one exists well that’s fine by me
I will gladly spend the afterlife waiting in purgatory, purgatory”

Dallas is amazing

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